Off on my travels again

IMG_0100_hdr.jpg I shall be off to New York shortly for a couple of weeks. It’s a business trip but I have at least one weekend to myself while I’m there, so I should be able to find something entertaining to do :) The first week is going to be a normal work week in Jersey City, with a few all day workshops. Second week I am spending a couple of days at an offsite in Mohonk – which should be very nice.

It’s going to be cold there. I remember NY in November from last year. I am not prepared for this! :)

Off to New York again

So work has me travelling off to NYC again – but this time for 5+ weeks. I guess this means I won’t be going back and forth so much but it’s sure a long stay. I think I will overpack for this trip :) I’ll be staying in a corporate appartment downtown. If you’re in the neighbourhood, look me up!

Travel madness

You’d think all the time I spend bored in airport lounges lately, I would remember to update my blog…

I just got back from San Francisco – I was attending TUCON and this time managed to spend a full week there. I love that place so much. Conference was good, and had lots of fun in the evenings too. Places we ate (mostly paid by vendors yay): Aqua, Tadich Grill, North Beach Restaurant, One Market and The Cheesecake Factory (the one overlooking Union Square) :-) . Also got a chance to explore the city a little bit this time.

So I am back for a couple of weeks but then I am off again on my travels. First Singapore for a week, then a few days in Germany, then New York for a week. Basically I am all over the place at the moment.

I think I will just close my eyes, and think of the airmiles…


IMG_0100_hdr.jpg So I’m back in New York again – but not for long. I do love this town though, and this time I brought my camera!

Oh and last week I was in San Fransisco (yay) but only for 20 hours (what?!) :-)