Marathon update: more photos online!

Virgin London Marathon 2010

I updated my marathon photos on flickr with the official ones

Virgin London Marathon 2010

Colm has uploaded his marathon photos

Virgin London Marathon 2010

Rosie has uploaded her marathon photos

Just waiting for James’ now! They all got such great pictures, I am thrilled! I think you can now appreciate looking at the pictures that I was having the time of my life on that run :)

Photos from Dublin

This weekend I took some time to explore Dublin a little with my camera – there’s plenty more there I’d like to shoot but I did grab a couple of nice ones I think. Check them out:

[flickr album=72157622762854076 num=30 size=Thumbnail]

I think this one might be my favourite – I’ve wanted to get this shot since I first saw the spire :)


The 2009 Maggies London Night Hike

Last weekend myself and six friends/colleagues took part in the Maggies London Night Hike, a 20 miles sponsored night hike around the streets of London, to raise money for Maggies cancer centres.

We started out at 9pm from City Hall, near Tower Bridge, and walked until about 7am, with various stops en route to drink coffee and visit London Open House weekend buildings, such as the Royal Geographical Society, the Channel 4 building and Horse Guards.

We made it pretty much intact, although we picked up a few blisters between us (I was unscathed, thankfully). It was fairly tough with the distance and the fatigue (we’d all done a days work already that day so walking all night was tiring stuff). A couple of team members were certainly a little grouchy towards the end – but then we all have our ways of coping with sleep deprivation :-)

We raised in total just under £5000 for the charity, which is the most important thing, and something I’m very proud of. We also got to accomplish something, and see some cool sights, some of which I documented through the monumental struggle of lugging my SLR along the course of the route (!)


Our motley crew ready to get going.


Our little jaunt on the London Eye.


Some of the sights we saw on our journey.



Some of the rest stops we took on the way (love the last pic of Fash looking bleak – that was at mile 18 or so) :)


Arriving at the finish line!

You can see the full flickr gallery of the hike, or even view the annotated route on everytrail below:

Maggies night hike 2009 at EveryTrail

Holiday postcards

From me to all of you, merry christmas and a happy new year :-)





See the full xmas photo album on my flickr profile.