Photos from Dublin

This weekend I took some time to explore Dublin a little with my camera – there’s plenty more there I’d like to shoot but I did grab a couple of nice ones I think. Check them out:

[flickr album=72157622762854076 num=30 size=Thumbnail]

I think this one might be my favourite – I’ve wanted to get this shot since I first saw the spire :)


Back from Ireland

Back from my weekend in Dublin – was most enjoyable – couple of really nice meals and a good long cliff walk along the coast. Also maybe a few too many drinks on Friday :) Pictures to follow, I have had a bit of a hectic day and not got to uploading them yet.

The day was hectic as I picked up the keys for my new flat today, and spent my evening shuffling things around from storage, picking up some missing essentials etc. Will be a few more days before I’m anywhere close to settled in there but already I have a bit more space for my things which is nice.