Sitting in my new flat browsing the web thanks to my MiFi

MiFi 2352 HSUPA

MiFi 2352 pocket wireless hotspot

I love this thing. It takes a SIM card (I used the one from my t-mobile USB dongle (£15/mo) and allows up to 5 devices to access its 3G net connection over wifi. Rechargeable, and fits in your pocket. You can also use it as a wired modem/dongle in a pinch.

Read a detailed review here. Not sure how I lived without it before! You can get them unlocked in Europe via Expansys.


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4 comments to Sitting in my new flat browsing the web thanks to my MiFi

  • Nathan

    Nice gadget although the price is horrendous! For not much more you could buy yourself a netbook with integrated 3G and wireless :(

  • Sure, it’s not cheap (though I’m sure it will get cheaper in future). I already own a netbook with integrated 3G, but to be honest, I found it to be a PITA – switching the SIM around between my netbook and my 3G USB stick (when I wanted to use it with another laptop). When you have multiple devices the cost overhead of having built-in 3G in each of them really adds up. This is a nice way of having an always-on hotspot in your pocket and freeing you from having it in every device.

    For example you can get a lot of mileage out of an ipod touch with one of these. Or a dirt cheap non 3G netbook. You have a lot more choice shopping for non 3G netbooks too.

  • And yes, it is more than a netbook. Gives you many options to connect other devices and increases your mobility by having its own battery.